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    Hi! My name is Mariano Mendez and I maintain this site to provide up-to-date feedback on the status of the refactoring engine in Photran.

   Photran is an Integrated Development Environment and Refactoring Tool for Fortran.It was originally developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and became an OpenSource project at the Eclipse Foundation in 2005. The current release sees roughly 1000 new installations each month. From the beginning, Photran was designed to be a refactoring tool, and much of its development effort has focused on providing a robust refactoring infrastructure.

    In this website you can find:
  Your feedback is really valuable to us!

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Send me
email  or leave your comments if you have:
        - suggestions of other refactorings you would like to see implemented.
        - suggestions on the use of the refactorings.
Also let me know if you´d like to work on this project. We want Photran to be a usable and useful Refactoring Tool. This involves programmers from both sides, those who are working on the tool and those who are using it. It is invaluable information to have all kind of feedback from both sides. Thank you!   

Last Update : 27/06/2012


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On June 27, PTP 6.0 and Photran 8.0 are released with Eclipse Juno [Download] [New Features]
New refactorings were added to the Catalog
4/04/2012 Can you contribute? A Fortran Survey [Link]
2/10/2011 Photran 7 User  Manual  pdf Version [Link]
"Fortran Refactoring for Legacy Systems"  my Master Thesis [Link]
22/06/2011 Photran 7 Released !!!
Static Call Tre View (Prototipe not official) [Link]

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