Refactorings to Improve Maintainability

The refactorings in this category are intended to improve internal quality attributes of the code such as: readability, understandability, flexibility and extensibility (attributes that refactoring has been recognized to improve) and also refactorings that allow upgrading the code to newer versions of Fortran, removing obsolete features.

Refactorings to Improve Presentation / Readability

Refactorings to Facilitate Design/Interface Change

Refactorings to Avoid Poor Fortran Coding Practices

Refactorings to Remove Outdated, Obsolete and Non-Standard Constructs

Performance Refactorings

This category currently has two examples of how refactoring can be used to improve performance while preserving not only the behavior of the program but also the readability and maintainability of the code. This is one of the factors that sets refactoring apart form optimization.

Refactorings For Performance

Loop Refactorings