Convert Specification Statement to Declaration Attribute 

Description:  Convert specification statement to declaration attribute refactoring replaces the various specification statements (DIMENSION, PARAMETER, SAVE, etc.), with the attribute declarations in the variables' type declaration statements.

State: Implemeted         Author:Fred Hsu, Miguel Diaz, Anu Pardeshi, Jing Vergara     Version:   Photran 7

Code Example:

program testprogram
implicit none
 real :: pi, e
 real :: phi
 parameter (pi = 3.1415926536, e = 2.7182818286, phi = 1.6180339887) end program

program testprogram
       implicit none
       real, parameter :: pi = 3.1415926536, e = 2.7182818286
       real, parameter :: phi = 1.6180339887
end program



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