Refactorings Implemented in Photran 8.0

Photran 8.0 has been released with 43 fully operational Fortran refactorings:

Extract Procedure
Extract Local Variable

Subprogram Refactorings
    Add Subroutine Parameter
    Permute Subprogram Arguments
    Safe Delete
    Extract Subprogram to Module
    Introduce CallTree

Module Refactorings
    Make Private Entity Public
    Encapsulate Variable

Use Statement Refactorings
    Add ONLY Clause to USE Statement
    Minimize ONLY List

Common Block Refactorings
    Make Common Block Variable Names Consistent
    Move Saved Variables to Common Block

Derived Type Refactorings
    Add Variable to Derived Type
    Transform to Derived Data Type

Loop Refactorings
    Interchange Loops
    Fuse Loops
    Reverse Loop
    Tile Loop
    Unroll Loop
    Replace Do Loop with For All
    Change to Vector Notation

Refactorings to Remove Obsolete Language Features
    Remove Arithmetic If
    Remove Assigned Goto
    Remove Branch to End If
    Replace Character* with Character(len=)
    Remove Computed Goto
    Replace Obsolete Operators
    Replace Old-Style Do Loops
    Remove Pause Statement
    Remove Real/Double Precision Loop Counter

Refactorings to Improve Coding Style
    Add Identifier to End Statement
    Change Keyword Case
    Change Variable Case
    Convert If-Then-Else to Select-Case
    Convert Between If Statement and If Construct
    Convert Data Statement to Parameter Statements
    Introduce Implicit None
    Make Save Attributes Explicit
    Remove Unreferenced Labels
    Remove Unused Local Variables
    Standardize Statements

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