Refactoring Status
Add Dimension Statement
Add Identifier to END Statement (e.g. END SUBROUTINE FOO). 7.0
Add Only Clause To Use Statements 5.0
Add Parameter to  Subprogram
Stas Negara - Stalled

Add Public Module Variables to COMMON Block

Stas Negara - Stalled
Canonicalize Keyword Capitalization 5.0
Canonicalize Variable Name Capitalization 8.0
Change Fixed Form To Free Form M. Mendez - Done but not Submitted
Change Keyword Case 5.0
Change Subprogram Signature
Change Subroutine to Function
Change To Vector Form 8.0
Convert DATA Statement to Assignment Statements
Data To Parameter 5.0
Delete Unused Common Block Variable M. Mendez
Encapsulate Variable 5.0
Extract Local Variable 5.0
Extract Procedure 5.0
Interchange Loops 5.0
Introduce Implicit None 5.0
Introduce Intent In / Out M. Mendez
Loop Alignment Ashley Kasza
Loop Fission Ashley Kasza
Loop Fusion 8.0
Loop Reversal 8.0
Loop Tiling 8.0
Loop Unrolling 8.0
Make Common Variable Names Consistent 5.0
Make DO Loop Concurrent/Non-Concurrent (Fortran 2008)
Make Private Entity Public 5.0
Minimize Only List 5.0
Move Common Block to Module M. Mendez
Move Entity Between Modules
Move Saved Variables To Common Block 5.0
Permute Subroutine Arguments 8.0
Remove Arithmetic If Statement 8.0
Remove Assigned Go Tos CS427
Remove Computed Go To statement 7.0
Remove Format Statement Labels 7.0
Rename Real Type Iteration Index CS427
Remove Unreferenced Labels 7.0
Remove Unused Local Variables 5.0
Rename 5.0
Remove Reserved Words As Variables

Replace COMMON with Derived Type

Stas Negara - Stalled
Replace Obsolete Operators 5.0
Replace Old Styles Do loops M. Mendez
Replace Shared Do Loop Termination M. Mendez
Safe-delete internal Subprograms
A. Sharma
Transform Character* to Character(Len = ) declaration M. Mendez
Transform To While Sentence
Legend: Released " In next Photran version" In Development " Planned

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